Products and Services

Biofeed offers a broad professional range of applications based on its technology, including a special line of products that has been developed to effectively deal with fruit fly control. Among its products and services, Biofeed currently offers the following:

A patented flat yellow panel, usually lasts 4 to 6 years. It The device is made out of cloth fabric (30 x 30 cm), with a pocket stitched to its upper part, into which a bait container is inserted.
A 'green' solution that provides year-round, continuous and effective pest control. Biofeed's patented Slow Fluid Release (SFR) technology takes advantage of gravity, contrary to the common evaporation principle of most familiar attraction devices, and is thus very stable. The SFR delivery system enables good control over the rate of liquid release ranging within 0.1–1.0 gram per day.
Biofeed recently launched its first 2 solutions (and a third one is soon to be released for Bactrocera zonata) formulated for continuous bioactivity over a period of one year.

a. Ceratitis capitata - The Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly)
b. Bactrocera oleae – The Olive fruit fly
c. Bactrocera zonata (soon to be released)
In situations in which an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution is unavailable or not effective enough, Biofeed provides turn-key R&D solutions. It allows, rapid
development of new products, for various pests species, based on Biofeed's SFR technology. Prerequisite requirements to start development:

a. Attractant or repellant (e.g. pheromone) – well known and available off-the-shelf for the target pest. In the case of
fruit flies Biofeed will develop the attractants.

b. Professional cooperation on the 'client' side. In case the pest is indigenous to Israel, cooperation is less essential and project timetable is shorter.
A monitoring system for early detection and improved pest management. The U-trap is made for professional monitoring personnel, who need to inspect dozens or hundreds of monitoring traps a day. With only one handheld component (the rest of the device is suspended) it is by far the easiest EVER monitoring trap to handle.

is suitable for both commercial and scientific uses. Pests die upon entering the trap, as a result of touching a yellow strip covered with Deltamethrin, and die almost instantly.
A card covered by deltamethrin on one side. Made especially to be suitable for use in a large variety of monitoring traps. When a pest enters the trap it comes in contact with the card. Since the card is covered on one side with Deltamethrin, the pest dies almost instantly.
Often, a 'good product' or even an 'excellent product' is not enough for achieving 'excellent pest control'. Biofeed offers its 'Expert Service' for cases where particularly good results are required. The company's team of experts will make sure you get the best RESULTS, and not only the best products. Consultation is most advised in matters that have to do with 'green' pest control, monitoring design, area-wide-management, fruit fly free zone and eradication campaigns.

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