About us

about2Pests have always challenged human existence by harming its agricultural production and food availability, consequently increasing the cost of food. The modern response to this problem has been the advent of pesticides, that achieved secure dependable food sources, however  it is currently accomplished at the expense of human health and long term damage to the environment.

Biofeed has developed an innovative and effective, Patented, control  technology  that without harming human health and the environment , enables users to continuously control pests, currently for up to 1 year, and in the future for up to 3 years.


The Company was founded by Mr. Nimrod Israely, Ph.D., a fruit fly ecologist who began his work as a fruit grower and a Plant-Protection Officer. Mr. Israely established the Biofeed-Regime, which is especially suitable for fruit fly Area-Wide-Control, and can be easily adapted to other pest species.  

Biofeed technology has been initially applied to fruit flies, which are the most significant group of fruit-infesting aboutpests throughout the world, and therefor causes the most extensive (from 30 up to 100%) damage to the fruit-growing industry. Current fruit fly control methods rely primarily on toxic insecticide sprays, posing a threat to growers, the general public and the environment. Consequently, current Requirements are stricter and aim for zero fruit-fly infestation and zero chemical residues. Biofeed's innovative solution consists of a simple, easy to use 'feeding station' utilizing a unique, innovative (Patented) Slow Fluid Release (SFR) technology, specific to the target pest, and working continuously for up to a year.


Growers using the Biofeed-Regime have experienced a sharp -  98% on average  - decrease in fruit fly spraying,aboutus alongside a simultaneous drop of  93% in infestation, compared to a spraying regime! Note: It is further reported that this decrease is followed by over 60% less spraying for the control of pests, other than fruit flies.

 Future developments and innovations, based on unique know-how and Patents, will increase the effective period of the product for up to three years, using fewer units per hectare and will enable simultaneous control of several pests.

Mr. Nimrod Israely, Ph.D. – Biofeed Founder and CEO.


Dr. Israely, Biofeed's founder and CEO, is a world renowned fruit fly ecologist, with more than 25 years of experience in crop protection. Mr. Israely began as a fruit grower and later on a Plant-Protection Officer. He encountered many cases of excessive and unnecessary pesticide spraying. In 1994 he began looking for 'green' crop protection alternatives. Failing to find effective ones he established the Biofeed Company. Mr. Israely's academic degrees are granted by the Hebrew University, Israel.

How it all started

Biofeed's founder, Dr. Nimrod Israely, grew up in a Kibbutz, an Israeli community based on agriculture and industry.

As the son of the orchards officer, he spent a big part of his childhood in the orchards, and it was only natural for him to join the agriculture team as he grew up, first as a sprayer and later on as a crop protection officer.


As a crop protection officer Mr. Israely was worried by the extensive amount of spraying and began looking for alternative methods for reducing spraying amongst them are Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Low volume spraying and more. The results were generally good, except in the case of one main and destructive insect. The Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitate) is a very dangerous pest that without an effective solution could ruin the whole crop in just a few days. Mr. Israely couldn't have taken the chance of reducing the spraying. As a result, he decided to study agriculture, specializing in entomology, Ceratitis capitata spatial ecology (Ms.c. agri.), and finally Ceratitis capitata metapopulation ecology (Ph.D.).


In 1998 Nimrod had a tractor accident while spraying.  This had almost cost him his life. During the long weeks of recovery, he started to develop the concept of Biofeed and to experiment, at his apartment kitchen, with different mixtures of attractants, food ingredients and killing agents that are harmless to humans. This has become one of Nimrod's principles; working only with ingredients that are safe enough to have in your own kitchen. As he could walk again, the home experiments turned into field experiments, and the first Biofeed prototype was soon to be born.